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FUN WITH KEYBOARD - for children of ages 5 -12 years old
FUN WITH KEYBOARD Intermediate - for children who has some basic music knowledge, ages 10 -15 years old
JUNIOR POP KEYBOARD - for children of ages 13 -19 year old

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Please note fees structure for each course:
FUN WITH KEYBOARD - Course fee: $216.00 for Level 1/2/3 & Book: $10.00
FUN WITH KEYBOARD Intermediate - Course fee: $246.00 for Level 4/5/6 & Book: $15.00
JUNIOR POP KEYBOARD - Course fee: $220.00 & 1-time material: $50.00
Plus one-time registration fee: $25.00

Our admin staff will be in touch with you via WhatsApp (88584413) to advise on the payment for the course you have registered.

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