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Home learning is now made possible!
Available Online Keyboard Courses(For Children) & Video Course(For Adults)

   Online Keyboard Courses   

Online Course (1): Fun With Keyboard Online 

Online Course (4): Grade 5 Music Theory Online 

Online Course (2): Junior Pop Keyboard Online 

Online Course (3): Pop Keyboard Online 

   Video Courses   

Video Course (1): Pop Keyboard Starter Series (English) 

Watch Video Demo 1

Watch Video Demo 2

Video Lesson 1 - 8


Video Lessons: Pop Keyboard Starter Series (English)   Lesson 1 - 8  
Music Dreamz School is proud to introduce our very first online video course - English Pop Keyboard Starter Series! You will learn the basics of keyboard playing, chords, rhythms and accompaniment to pop songs. This course is specially tailored for youths/adults who are interested in learning how to play by ear on the keyboard and have absolutely no music background or foundation at all. If you have always felt a little shy to participate in group lessons, or afraid to commit to signing up for music lessons, this is a great opportunity that you should not miss! You can now enjoy watching 8 video lessons in the comfort of your home at your own pace of learning. 

The course package comprises of:

  • (A) 8 video lessons

  • (B) 16 video lessons

  • 1 PDF document 

(All files will sent to you by email.)


All you need are:

1 keyboard/piano (to play along and follow the lessons)
1 computer/tablet (to watch the videos & view score sheets in separate window)
1 set of headphones (optional, but highly recommended)

Order now by scanning QR code or enter UEN: 201605233G


 SGD $69.90 for 8 lessons! 

Give it a go today!

Follow these steps to make payment:

  1. Open your bank app and scan the above QR code OR enter UEN:201605233G

  2. Please confirm you are making payment to Music Dreamz Pte Ltd

  3. Enter the correct amount in SGD$

  4. Remarks: Please enter your name & email address (Delivery by email)

  5. WhatsApp 88584413 and request for e-delivery detail

  6. Wait for acknowledgement within 1 working day

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don’t have ANY music background at all?
It’s perfectly alright! In fact, this course is designed to cater to people without music background. You don’t need to have any prior experience with the keyboard or any music instrument in order to begin this course. Don’t worry, the content taught in this course are also broken down into simple and clear diagrams. The best part of online courses is that you can pause the videos to practise more before continuing the lesson - you get to go at your own pace in the comfort of your home!


I have a little bit of music background but mostly forgot the things I learnt. Is this course suitable for me?

As someone who has some experience playing the keyboard, this course would be too slow for you. However, do stay tuned to the next online series! It is specially catered to beginners who have little to some music knowledge prior to the course, and can recognise notes and basic chords on the keyboard.


What is the difference between this course and traditional lessons?
We teach students to play by ear, which means to play by listening, without depending on reading a score full of notes. Not only do our students learn to play chords and rhythms in this course, they get to sing and play along to the songs.  Traditionally, students would need a score to refer to before they can play a song but if you learn to play by ear, you have the freedom to play as and when you like! The emphasis is not so much on reading notes but listening to the notes you play. Anyone can learn to play by ear, you can begin today too!


Am I considered too young/old for this course?
Not at all! So long you have a keyboard/piano at home, you are good to go! However, I must add that this course is catered for youths and adults who wish to learn the basics of keyboard playing as the songs chosen for this series are more suitable to this age group. Feel free to contact us if you are unsure if you are eligible for this course!


How often must I practise?
Practice makes perfect! It’s natural to start out a little unpolished but anyone can improve if you practise often! Be it 15 minutes or a whole hour every day, setting aside time to practise is essential when picking up a new skill. I recommend at least 15 minutes daily but I highly encourage you to practise more if you have the time!

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