Little ones (4-5yo) are also keen with music lessons!
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We have a better suggestion - a new program that can help little ones (4-5yo) to kick start music learning. Join us in this event where we have schedule for the first time this year 2022. It's happening on 24 Jan - 'Meet & Chat Online' session. Parents with young kids may join. Register now -  Click here! 


This beginner class is perfect for first-time musicians! Students will be exposed and introduced to the world of music, sounds, and rhythms. They will also learn to recognise pitch and sing in solfege. It is never too early to start one's music education - we highly encourage music appreciation from a tender age, where children are curious and intuitive. Allow your children to express themselves creatively and unleash their potential to be a confident musician!

No music background required! Suitable for preschoolers ages 4 to 5+

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