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Online Keyboard Courses
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More are learning via online lessons
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Our FWK online class is a two-year syllabus specially designed for our students who has no music background to kick-start in learning to play keyboard/piano and effectively progress from solfege to music note reading and playing both hands. They will be playing with basic chords which will help them with good both hands coordination and more. Music theory will be included too!

Suitable for children ages 7 to 12. 

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(2)Pop Keyboard Online

This online lessons are all about playing accompaniment for pop songs (English and Mandarin songs mostly) Students will learn about chords, inversions, fills, left-hand variations and much more. This Pop Keyboard (POP ONLINE) module is also specially designed to equip our students with good both hands coordination and enable them to sing and play at the same time. 


Note: Students will learn the same techniques for Praise & Worship Keyboard (P&W ONLINE), but with praise and worship songs instead.

Suitable for ages 13 onwards.

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