<Little Angels' Music> For Ages 4 to 5    

  <Fun With Keyboard> For Ages 6 to 12    

  <Junior Pop Keyboard> For Ages 13 to 19    

  <Pop Keyboard> For Adults    

  <Praise & Worship Keyboard> For Adults    

  <Music Workshops>  

 <Little Angels' Music> 

This beginner class is perfect for first-time musicians. Students will explore different sounds and rhythms and cultivate a sense of music appreciation. 

NO music background required!

Especially for preschoolers ages 4 to 5+

 <Fun With Keyboard> 

This intermediate class builds off from the skills acquired in Little Angels' Music. Students will learn how to recognise notes and play with both hands. Music theory will be included too.


NO music background required!


For children ages 6 to 12 

 <Junior Pop Keyboard> 

This advanced class is for students build off from some music theory and note reading learnt in Fun With Keyboard. It's also catered to students who have some music grading before. Students will be exposed to contemporary pop songs and more usage of chords.

Some music knowledge required!

For children ages 13 to 19

 <Pop Keyboard> / <Praise&Worship Keyboard> 

This class is specially catered to mainly adults who wish to learn to play accompaniment for songs. Students will learn about chords, inversions and fills. Goes the same for <Praise&Worship Keyboard>, except that more P&W songs will be used in the teaching syllabus.

NO music background required!

For ages 14+ & adults

 <Music Workshops> 

Stay tuned for our various music workshops conducted during school holidays & our special event for music seminars. 

Music Workshop A is designed for children who has no prior music training before.

Music Workshop B is specially for childre who has some music background & ready to explore more.