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Join our quality music class and see practical results in the children's play.
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We have more new classes with new timeslots added in Feburary, March & April.

All our music classes are ongoing with new term schedules.
New & existing students are welcome to join us for music lessons.







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Fun With Keyboard Intermediate Level is here


Our quality music courses have produced practical results

Music Lesson For Children

Anyone Can Become A Musician!

Introduction by: Music Adviser, Composer - Ms Ellie

With almost 40 years of music teaching experience we have known better ways to help kids interested in music and kick start their music learning process easily. Our strategic program focuses on building up in them with the fundamentals of music theory and constantly encourages creativity in a supportive environment.

We strive to make a new generation of musicians, helping them to build a strong foundation for the future. Our experienced instructors make the learning curve for children to be an enjoyable one.

Register our music course for your children now and give them the opportunity to explore the world of music at young age. Click below to see some of our students who are now playing with a natural flair. 

Step-by-step the students grow with music and play the piano/keyboard with excellence

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